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30/10 09:25 Casper De Norre
, Early November 2020
30/10 09:23 Jorge Hernandez
, Early November 2020
30/10 09:23 Erik Sabo
, Doubtful
30/10 09:22 Jimmy Durmaz
, Doubtful
30/10 09:22 Vato Arveladze
, Doubtful
30/10 09:11 Lorenzo Insigne
, Doubtful
30/10 08:53 Jens Cools
, A few weeks
30/10 08:53 Karol Linetty
, Doubtful
30/10 08:52 Amer Gojak
, Doubtful
30/10 08:41 Zito Luvumbo
, Doubtful

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